Who is this Drizzy?? Bring Cool, Calm Drake Back!!

There is no question that I'm a Drake fan,, most of you that read my blog from the beginning know that by now. But,, ever since he has been apart of young money my tolerance for his new style of rap has decreased. I have been a lil disapointed in his latest endeavors,, such as his videos,, I expected him to be more creative than that and the fact that he uses those `Young Money Metaphors`... you know the ones that go like 'I be peddling,, Biscycle!!' Ummmm WTF is that? Thats not rhyming thats not what you used to do or what we fell in love with. Its not fair for your fans for you to take on the likes of style from a label that would ever give Nicki Minaj a chance. I was never proud of him being inducted into the Young Money family because I felt he stuck out like a sore thumb,, but I am glad that he is getting the notoraity he deserves. But the fact that his cool,, calm colected style that expresses things a young mixed guy from Toronto would explain. I never understood who approved him to soowoop for the bloods like Lil Wayne. Thats not cool boo. I support him always and I do still get excited when I hear new things from him or about him so I will be purchasing Thank Me Later,, Im just hoping it still goes hard as Comeback Season and So Far Gone,, the Drake I fell in love with!!

Thank Me Later drops June 15


NightFall914 said...

Too late.....the Marketing Industry machine has their hands all over him now....