What is Slim Thug Talking About??

So I waited a few days to really make sure I could give a non-bias or should I say a non-black bitch comment about his proclaimed judgment on the black woman and why we are all doomed to hell. He might as well should have said we were Satan's children and we need to be redeemed and forgiven by Jesus. Sheesh!! Is that really how black men feel about us? When did black women not become shit?? One thing I don't like is people that make ridiculous judgments and interpretations of what a whole race is based on a few people. Isn't that called being prejudice?? Do I have to call Slim Thugga a racist lol? His comment if you didn't get to read it, put down not only black women but white women. For him to say Black women need to lower our standards because successful Black men don't exist shows more about black men than black women any day. Why are successful black men going extinct and why is that okay? I think the better implication is that they are the ones that need to get it together. I feel that the definition of success is very blurred in the black community anyway. For Slim Thug to think he is successful by being a dope boy is just pathetic, cuz he damn sure not making money as a rapper. We need to stop thinking that getting money is the only ounce of success and independence, being successful comes from the way you spend that money and how you get it and its not only a lifestyle but a state of mind. Just because someone isn't able to buy out the bar doesn't mean they aren't successful,, y'all need to stop letting entertainment equal y'all success and go get an education and get a more realistic career,,and stop giving excuses to why you can't do shit else, but rap,, sell drugs,, and play sports. Success comes with ambition and working hard in a positive way and if we do not have enough black men in our community that has that then they are the ones that need to pull it together.Instead of black women lowering our standards maybe y'all need to raise yours. The fact that there are more black women in college than black men shows that,, the fact that they populate the majority of the jail systems shows that. I'm not going to go too deep into this situation because I can go on and on,, but I will say that I do not believe all black men believe in what Slim Thug is saying and if y'all do that's just fucking sad and you have no respect for women in general. Black women do hold y'all down for the fact that we still all fuck with y'all like that. I'm proud to say that there is no other race of woman that has held the black man down stronger than the black woman; we are there for y'all through thick thin and all that,, we have helped y'all become the men you are today.  Any real woman of any race demands success and the ability to provide for the family and be a protector from any man she seeks to be with,, if women have to search miles high and low to find a black man that equals that is not a great representation of the black man at all. Also, any white woman or woman other than black that allows a man to refer to them the way Slim Thug does is pathetic as well. Remember these perfect 'submissive' women were once the same women y'all got lynched for even looking at or the first women today to go running saying she was raped. I do think there are some rotten apples that spoils it for the rest,, but those are personal problems to why your woman won't do for you or is irresponsible,, that is not a racial problem. If yall go around flossing shit and showing your worth is only made by what you have.. all you will attract is that gold diggin' girl than trust me that's what you deserve to have. I really don't like when people date for superficial reasons,, it says a lot about you more than the race your putting down or the race you are promoting; if you meet someone and date them it should be because they compliment you in the most positive ways not because of a damn stereotype.


Bianca said...

Basically, I look at it like this....Slim Thug is an idiot. :-)

Oh, and Wesley Snipes too.

Both idiots.