We Gettin Money Over Here!!

Guess what ya'll,, I got a jizob a jizob a jizob a jizob!! Yessssssssssssssss bitches!! I'm gettin young money over here lmao I'm sooo happy and grateful and excited all in one you have no clue how much broke I was. And the coolest thing about it,, it is resume worthy a for its my first media job since I graduated last year, since then I just been interning. But thank God that my interning paved the way for me to get this job I have now because I was actually referred for this position and my boss is the someone who actually requested me to work for her because of the wonderful work ethic I showed at my internship. For legal purposes I'm not going to say the company,, just incase they want to Google me lolz,,  but just know that I work in the Marketing and Media department as a Media Marking Associate!! So,, in relation to having a job I will prolly be slacking on blogging again but I'm going to try not to. I have some more bloggin ideas on topics I would like to give my 50 cent to. Hope all is well with you guys!!!