Fuck It!

"Today I begin a new life,,,
I am the master of my abilities...
&& today will be a great & beautiful day!!"

No more tears, No more cryin, No more pain, No more drama, No more being ashamed & embarrassed! SHIT FUCKIN HAPPENS! && I jus have to deal with that reality! Yea shit didn't work out, so wat thats life! Ive never had a problem gettin a guy so why start now, another one will come, like they always do! However, Im smarter now && this time I can actually say Im not gona fall for the same bullshit && do the same shit its not worth it && no one is worthy of my time && effort to exort so much worry into wat his ass will think! FUCK HIM! Its all about me from now on && if you don't prove ur about me in the amount of time I have alloted you from the beginnin your absolutely off the market && sent to your maker[mommie] or whereever you fuckin came from! I was sad, then I was pissed, now I jus really don't give a fuck! All of you females or males that are going through a break up && your sitting here trying to justify your actions for some other persons fuck up, Please don't! If at all he or she required you to get suspicious prolly was a valid reason to, now the way you handled it is on you, but your feelings are totally acceptable! If you got played, its ok in life everyone does; it either gives you enough confidence from here on out to not get played again or gives you pointers to do the playin yourself! Ive been in crazy situations, Lord knows, these past several years with the male species, however, I have come to the conclusion that enough is enough & I need to grow up, meaning grow out of all the past bullshit, all the things they did to make a tear roll down my face, or make me question my roll & worth in their lives! Its so not desrving of my time anymore! Ima start focusing more on myself && making me happy && get reconnected with the shit about myself that I loved && left behind!
Dear Next Guy,
There are things about me that, Im sorry, will not change! I am emotional! Thats just wat it is && how its gona be! Ive been this way all my life && its just something I have taken into account that is just apart of my personality! So if I lash out or jump to conclusions know that you gave me a reason too yes I will work on how I handle and exert this emotional state. But, I will not feel sorry for giving it to you! I was born a girl so at times I will act like one. I may put up walls but not to keep you out its to see how strong you are to break them down! I need a guy who will get over my flaws & all! You know why, cuz I will do the same for you!


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

yeep. the best thing to do is to regroup, focus on yourself and when the next person comes along, don't punish them for something the others did. It's a new day, new love, new start for you both.

NightFall914 said...

It's all the process of life, love and growth.U seem to progressing thru it pretty well and I'm sure you'll continue to see the positivity that will come out of this once negative situation.

jelliebeancuhkz♥ said...

a m e n to that !! lol .

yuu dont know how muchh tht jus helped me =]

Qu33n Kam... said...

glad i can help =]