Desperate CollegeWife!!

So yea, for many of you that don't know Im a student in collegio [SDSU woot woot! =) ] && Im also a lil sorta kinda in a way wifed up to my Hunnie Bunnie! He is so awesome because he puts alot of time and effort into me and seems really serious about being with me for the long term, however, he is in Lost AnHELLes and im stuck in Sandy Yago all alone and I misses him mucho! Long distance relationships are crazy tough and Ive done it before but it didn't work out cuz he cheated so i cheated [womp womp!] Well, Im not trying to do that now of course, but Im getting crazy tempted not cuz he is a bad guy just cuz im lonely. Even though I talk to him every day its not the same as seeing his wonderful face and touching his sexy body and kissing his soft lips and getin it crackin all day [whew!!] I have needs and they need to be fulfilled pronto! The problem is I wont be able to see my Hunnie till the end of March!! && Then I really won't be able to see him till I graduate and move back home to LA in May [WAT THE EFF!] I guess I can hold out, but its crazy when ex-boos are all in my face like never before! Plus, my mind is wondering thinking of those that could have been that were here before! I don't know if Im 100% ready to be with him cuz my attention span is trying to keep my eyes on the main show, but at the same time wants to surf the channels. But he is sooo good to me I know your wondering why would you even be with him if you're unsure? Well its because I think I found someone special and don't wana lose it, plus outta everyone he stepped up for me the most. The one thing that is questioning me in my heart is someone Ive met and now Im wondering wat about me and him cuz he is a great guy as well! Shit this is harder than I thought! After being hurt so many times before, Ive been flooded with too many good guys right now and its getting difficult to choose. Before it used to be so easy dropping the losers and sending them on their way, but what do you do when your stuck in a situation where your in your favorite shoe store and you can only pick one pair!! Nevertheless, being faithful & true is something I would like to try with him or anyone for that matter, not like Ive never been faithful before but I feel even the thought of fucking wit someone else is wrong! He is surely worth it!....but so is he,& him.... Ugh pray for me!