Back Like I Never Left!

Okay fellow followers & passer byes I AM BACK! and very happy to return from my week hiatus! Spring Break was cool, life is always interesting when I go home to LA. Something always new comes in my life, a life changing moment [whether good or bad] always occurs. I met some new friends saw some old ones and went out alot, but also relaxed and chilled. Also I spent ALOT and I mean ALOT of money that I didn't have [all bad]. LA reassures how much I hate San Diego but at the same time shows me how much I appreciate the laid back life I have there. LA IS nothing && I mean NOTHING BUT DRAMA! Life is never sweet as pie there and San Diego I live drama free [i just have alot of responsibilities there]. Well in all I had a really good time. There are things that all of you can look forward too in the next few posts so stay tuned...

1. For Starters I must talk about Dizzy's new mixtape! I didn't have my laptop over the break to really get a chance to download the tape and that was crazy all bad cuz I wanted to do a review! So that will prolly be my next post.

2. I went to the I AM MUSIC tour and you are right I lost my damn mind when Drake performed I almost had a heart attack I was soooooooo excited. But my heart sank into my feet when my best friend's effin camera wanted to DIE right when he came on, The devil is a Hater! And my crappy ass camera was not havin it! But there are Lots of photos to come tho!

3. I have inspired ppl to write blogs so I will be debuting my Kay.Jay.Nay [if you look to the right in the piks under 'girls jus wana have fun', she is the girl who is gettin her ass kissed by sum dude who was all in my titties!] Blog! She is a WILD ONE, no holds bar type of chick! She is my Truest Bitch so I know that yall will enjoy her randomness!

4. I have no more Twitter problems! I have gotten accustomed to it and now Im addicted. My hate turned into love and now I see Twitter for its true beauty on the inside. Don't judge a book solely on its reviews, you gotta read it for yourself & I did & I got the hang of it! Thank you to all my new followers on twitter you guys inspire me to keep goin lolz. FOLLOW ME