Dizzy Mania!!

Okay, first Shout out to E dot Dizzy! Homie asked for support and Im more than happy to help out any person on the grind trying to get theres, First Hunnie I have to say Im sorry about the delay [You already knew bout my laptop issues, but I got you now!] Soooo, Ima super Hip Hop head for sure I love all types of music but most of all I love CONTENT that is fire! And this dude is Farenheit 911 right now! Not only does he have one of the best blogs on the blogspot [], he is killin me wit this mixtape! But don't just take my word for it travel to utopia yourself...

Lil Bit Bout the Kid:
Name: Eric aka E Dot DizZy
From: Indianapolis Indiana reside in Atl
Age: 22
What do I do?: Produce, write, record, mix all of my own music. I do it allll!

"I was signed to Universal Motown Sept. 11 of 2008. Long story short, I
didn't like how the deal was inked out so I'm in the process of
leaving and doing things on my own. This is my first project after
leaving the label so you can only imagine, I'm trying to get as many
downloads as I can to see what I can actually do and show them that I
don't need them.

My expectations for this mixtape is high. REAAL HIGH! I'm trying to
reach EVERYONE! If you know anyone who does music or blog about music,
plug me in. If you know anyone who likes music, tell em to download

What My Ears Told Me:

Dizzy Presents a cool feel to mixtapes by delivering NO HOOKS on any songs, becoming the real Mr. Hot 16! && of course everyone wants a catchy hook to sing along too, but the way he flows is strong enuff to have the verses stand alone to even be hooks in their own right.

First off he is smart Like really Effin clever! He takes the interview from Biggies Ready To Die and accomodates it to his life:: "Nobody Influenced me Life Influenced me for the most part!" You had me at hello! And then he singing "Why are you Playinnn/You Know You Lovvvinn Meee/ Open Your Ears/ Its Meeee!" I could jus bump the Intro and be cool for the day!

Next he steals my heart rhyming over my Drizzy beats and Jigga beats! He rhymes over all my favorite beats and has a variety of old shit, new shit, R&B shit, nigga shit, ladie shit, actually giving you an album in mixtape packaging.

Favorite TKO Lines!:

"I know nobodys perfect/the world aint either/ so am I wrong for trying to be perfect?"

"My biggest fear is failure/ so any sign of failing and my mind goes rebellious"

"In the world full of non dreamers and non believers/ beware fellow dreamers/ they tryin to delete us"

"I never understood how people could just change/ Until I had to do it/ To remain the same"

"And I grew up/ A fuckin screw up/ So until you perfect/ you can't downplay on how I menuver/ Alright, Alright"

"How can I not stay in heat when Im the oven!"

"No Homo but I got old white guys on my mind"

"This mixtape aint got no bamboozlement!/ Im not a Bamboozler"

"You think that she an angel/but Homie she get nasty/ Her favorite qoute to say is "If you want it Dizzy ask me"

"Put it where my face be at/Yea you kno im nasty baby/ Im down for whatever shawty/ You aint gotta ask me baby!"

"I grind all night like I hate the sun"

Favorite Songs:

  • Sweet
  • Rehab
  • Runnin
  • Turnin Me On
  • Talkin Out Ya Neck
  • No Problem
  • Don't Stop
  • [Shit the whole damn CD lolz]

All together this is really impressive! Not every nigga can get my attention with a mixtape, but this surely raised eyebrows! It first off is in high quality. Lord knows I received low quality sounding mixtapes in my life. His creativity and word play is effortless and is unforced. I see bright beginnings in his future and Ill be one of the first to see him in shows and buy his album. He is definitely puttin Indiana on the map with this one. Dizzyana: No Hooks is that New New Shit you should get! SOMEONE PLEASE SIGN HIM PRONTO! [Wit a bomb ass deal this time!] Real recognizes real and Dizzy is lookin real familiar right now! Get on if your off && know sleepin is better done when your dead!

Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy UggggnnnnnnnHHH!!


Anonymous said...

mixtapes real dope.