Comeback Season

I love the show Tough Love, I wish it was made years ago for me, but hey Ill take it now. It is such a great show for women to learn about what men are really thinking about us when we are out here in the dating world. I didn't realize how hard finding the love of our lives really is when we have no solid foundation. Its important for you to love yourself before you can love anyone else but most importantly for someone to love you. Before the show but unfortunately these ladies didn't know that & learned to find out why they self sabotage their relationships. I believe there is someone for everyone. Even the wolfman got kids and a wife, so you can too.

The problem however I had with this show was how relationship challenged these beezies was. Like damn, you are gettin the chance to have a match maker hook you up and you fuck up each connection. Sometimes things just don't work, but they were so afraid of finding the right guy that they would do dumb things and make crazy excuses to not make it work and to not be with the guy. The season finale just wrapped up and I was so uber pissed with Jaclyn, the girl who wanted to get married by the age of 25. She had met an outstanding guy who was willing to love her, who was better than any guy she had ever met, who not only talk the talk but walked the walk, and she let him slip away because she was soo stuck on her ex boyfriend who didn't wana marry her till he saw her with someone else. Get the fuck outta here. See thats the problem with us women we get so caught up in the "used to" that we can't move on to the new. Finding healthy relationships are about doing what is right not what is challenging to the heart. Brock, the guy she met at boot camp, was fine as hell, plus was willing to give her the world and prolly give her marriage before 25, but this dumb hoe had to go to back to the ex, the main reason she was on the show in the first place.

Ladies, we need to realize homeboy was an ex for a reason, the comeback seems ok for the moment, but honsetly he is gona go back doing the same shit yall broke up for you know why because he ain't meant for you. Its super hard to not get over an ex, I should kno and honestly I need to read this post Im typing. I have fallin vicitim to the comeback. When the guy sees you are doing mighty well that when he wants to comeback and say he had something to do with your success, and Im not going to fault everyone becuz sometimes the comeback is genuine, he really found out that you are the one and you know what you prolly are the one, but he aint the one, and thats what we need to realize. If you have the opportunity to meet someone who is 20 times better than the last, don't let "hope" fuck you up in missing out on something bomb with the new guy because you want to rekindle a flame that keeps blowing out. Risks are supposed to be taken but don't be stupid, if you were offered a chance to win a million dollas by shooting a basketball into a hoop and had an the only option to dunk or do a lay up, don't be stupid and pick the dunk for so you can look like an allstar. Meaning don't make life harder on yourself just so you can feel like you accomplished something. He feels like an accomplishment because he was there first and his comeback feels like he finally realized you are what he has been missing, so in your mind you feel all your hard work has payed off. But, in the game of love you have still have the chance of both missing out on the million dollas whether you dunk or lay it in because you can miss on either try, especially if you know nothing about how to do either. So go for the more logical, easier way to fall in love and that is the love that is effortless, that doesn't strain your heart and doesnt require you to break a major sweat.

Real love also illiminates the "what ifs", meaning that person will never allow you to say what if it doesn't work, or what if he fucks up, what if he is like the rest, because once you feel it he will SHOW you that your lips doesn't even need to utter those words. Jaclyn was sayin "What if this is meant to be with my ex because now he wants to change." And she found out the hard way that he didn't change and went back to his old ways. Men show you right off the bat what they want and how they want it in their actions, men don't beat around the bush with their feeling like women do. So if a guy doesn't like you, you will know by the way he treats you and the things he says will correlate with one another. We [and I say we meaning me too] as women always try to make excuses for the mans feelins, when in all honesty he showed you. Women look more into the way a man treats you than what he says to you. Its easier to go off words because if you are a real person, your going to thing people are being the same with you but that isn't always the case. Think of it like this, you wouldn't let a woman treat you any ol' way so why let a man do it. You wouldn't let a women steer you wrong so don't let a man do it becuse they are just as human. There is someone out there to love all of us and he will come when we least expect it, but most importantly when we are the most ready.


NightFall914 said...

Love is the one thing that will continue to make idiots of us all....

.dsade. said...

nightfall914,that was strong,im stealing that from you,but ill give you credit ofcourse =]

and girl preach on!! i love that show,some of them girls i just dunno about though,like if i had the chance i would be trying real hard to fix my problem

behold_a_lady said...

i love that show as well, but most of those women wouldnt listen at all, then on the finale the updates showed that all of their relationships failed. wat the