Text A Movie!

I saw this and literally almost died of laughter. This has to be the funniest thing Ive seen all day, these videos are what Ive been thinkin all along. And the voices kill me.....

"This is comin from a bitch who has been rockin braids since birth"

"You had to fake a marriage, have a bastard child, start your our hairline & kill a bitch just to be relevant again"

"Ill even let you fuck my brother, tired ass hoe"

"At least Im known outside of my own city"

"First off hunnie I can see your roots again girl get some good tracks, your hair is a fool. Second do you know who the fuck I am, I was a cover girl before Destiny's Child wore the fucked up ass outfits."

"Oh well bitch I can't tell, every time I see you your falling off stage, you clumsy ass knot, && bitch please Im surpirsed you can fit those fat ass ankles in anything labeled"

"Brandy hunnie, Ima Cover Girl,do you know what that is, I can have a double chin if I want, Im still the number 1 bitch out there"

"I don't suffer from stage fright like your raspy voice ass"

"My tour is 6 million of yours combined,& I don't have to be an opening act. I am a worldwide superstar unlike you who is a local hoodrat."

"It took your lame ass three tries before you got a hit, now get the fuck outta my face. Bitch, you're done!"

"I know you are, you're Bee/Beyonce/Bey/Sasha Fierce . You have so many names I don't know which to choose. You're so lame with that whole alter ego bullshit"

"You ball headed whore who do you think you are, Ill knock the fuck outta you, Im from Atlanta bitch, I don't play with shit, now try me muthafucka."


M.v said...

LMAO...oh my FUNNY IS THAT!?! *dead*