He Can Write For Himself & Others!

Drake makes me smile! His humility is superb & I hope that doesn't change! Ill never stop loving him.

&& On the note of writing, I feel a real artist put time and effort into their craft especially if it makes them money. So you are not impressing me if you can make a song and say you didn't write it down or it took you a week to make your album. For example, Lil' Wayne needs to start pickin up pen and pads because as much as we think we love his shit, can we really say that nigga be talking bout anything? Lil' Wayne is a punch line rapper, but not one for telling stories, Im yet to hear him tell a story on a song. That is a lyricist to me, a rapper who can paint a picture with words as if your listenin to spoke word. I like Wayne for what he gives but that is about it, he isn't up their with societies greats such as Tupac, Biggie, Jay, Nas, Eminem etc. because they tell stories. They may give u a club joint here and there or throw you the basic hip hop remedy [Money, Hoes, Clothes, & Cars] but for the most part they bring you a place. I love Drake because him like alot of really great rappers these days [Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Wale, Charles Hamilton, Joe Budden, Kid Cudi, Common etc.] strive to bring you to that place by telling you dynamic stories. I feel a real true rapper is a storyteller and what bugs me is that real Hip Hop doesn't play on the radio and real Hip Hop isnt marketed correctly. We are all so caught up in beats and punch lines we lack substance. If being a true rapper meant having a good flow then anyone can be a great rapper, look at Bow Wow, his flow is nice but he by far isnt great. Or if being a great rapper meant being popular then Soulja Boy would hold the torch. I think what Drake was tryin to say is that just because you have a gimmick to you doesn't mean you are the best and if you don't produce the best work behind your gimmick its useless and your wasting your time. Not everyone can produce hot work without writing it down. And to this day I think the best person to have done that is Biggie, [Jay-Z is the only one who is close]. I guess what Im saying is as a fan of Hip Hop it should be more about quality than anything else, write what you know, write what makes sense not just always what makes cents.


Kiwi™ said...

Drake is great! He is getting some mainstream love finally here in ATL...

He is so versatile its amazing. A singer and a rapper! And he switches up his style...he doesnt just talk about what he has...he talks about everything!

And does think boy know how to kill a remix!!!! I love love love him!!!!

Oh and Congrats 2 u too chick! Many blessings towards your future success..I know its been a long time coming!

NIC-KIA said...

this man is soooo damn sexy!
his lightness makes me wanna do tasteless things to make him blush! LMAO!