Big Girl It Your World!

Tonight on Oxygen the premiere of the new show "Dance Your Ass Off" which combines the shows Biggest Loser & So you think You Can Dance/Dancing With The Stars together. Im not sure if Im totally going to be committed to watching this show, but I do like how Oxygen tries to make shows to make big women feel good about themselves by leting them do what the skinny women do. However, Im not a fan of them putting these women in these women in these little outfits. Just cuz you are trying to get your dance sexy on does not mean wear shit u cant fit and showing your stomach like its flat. Thats not cute boo boo. Im not trying see ur fat fallin all over the place. For that this show looks a hot ass mess. But seems like it could be entertaining cuz big ppl know how to dance lolz.


Amanda Allison said...

Lol I saw this show tonight. I have mixed feelings! I think its a great idea but the execution is a hot mess!!

Anonymous said...

and i'll return the favor