Please Don't Leave Me!!

Sorry followers I greatly apologize I have not been updating like I should
and I hope yall don't hold it against me
it's just that I dont have internet connection in my home
now that I have moved back in with my grandmother
&& I dont like updating from my phone cuz it doesn't want to cooperate
So I will have to either go bring my laptop to the library or go to my friends house 2 update
But, please hang in there with me. I noticed I lost 1 of you & that breaks my heart
Because my I try not only to write things for myself but for you guys too...
Im also kinda in a brainfreeze because there isnt really anything worth posting
I do have something about my love life that I want to post, but it may be too personal
I may do it anyways, just to give yall somethin juicy to read
but I have to gather my thoughts first.
But know that I am greatful for all of you and I love the feed back you guys give me
Tellin me that you love the blog, I really appreciate keep reading and everyone that follows me
Im tryin to make sure I follow all of yall ok!! Love you much

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Anonymous said...

u leavin blospot for twitter? why is everyone keep doin that, maybe I should get me twitter too, no?

Qu33n Kam... said...

No im not leavin my blog. Its my baby that im sum wat neglectin & child protection services shall cum take me away lolz

But im on twitter alot since its on my phone but ima be postin more often once i get my thoughts 2gether or what i wana say cuz this blog basically cums 2 me @ random thats why its called wat the eff lolz

Neesh B Fly said...

follow me and i will make sure to do the same cool blog by the way