Funny Fridays!

Funny Fridays today will be devoted to the chillins!! I have no kids and thank 2 God in all of Heaven I don't[at least not now]! Hearing these jokes bout kids makes me rethink bout wanting some! [My Childhood Bad Ass Story:: I was about 4 and I ask my mom sumthin bout God and she said she didnt know and and i told her she didn't know shit and I threw the Barbie car box at her head and she ran and grabbed and threw me across the room and as I was flyin I was like "Moooooommmmmmiiiieeee!!"

"Wat is tangy Daddy is it kinda like sour but it aint sour??"

"You black midget bitch get the juice, punk ass Daddy!!"


Eyesofphases said...

I had no I idea Kevin Hart was this funny until I saw this showcase.