Find Your Love

So I finally got a chance to peep out Drake's new video and song,, "Find Your Love",, and let me the one to say *standing ovation* that this video is by far the best he has done so far. I loved everything about it,, this video brought me back to why i loved videos in the first place. They are supposed to be creative visual translations of the song and I love videos that tell stories and he did just that!! Im so proud of him!! He gave me all that I wanted and needed with this video. Now the song is growing on me,, something about the beat is throwing me off,, is it me or does Kanye West never really does right by Drake. First,, the Best I Ever had video and now this beat,, come on Kanye I think you can do better. But,, its not a bad song. For the most part,, it is definitely a come up for Drake and his video skills he reminded us that he can act and he did look really handsome. I am a proud hater of Maliah Michel's lower half,, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I looked like that yall couldn't tell me shit!!