Vegas Baby!!

Two weeks ago I went to Las Vegas with my friends for the Mayweather and Suga Shane fight and we got to stay in the MGM. There were indeed crazy unexpected moments that I wish never happened but there also was fun vibrant moments that I enjoyed. No matter what the trip really magnified some specific things regarding friendships and the phrase 'shit happens'. But,, it surely let us know that we party hard,, we have fun,, and we enjoy each other company even when we get on each other nerves. We by far do not live boring lives, but for now here are some flicks (and the craziest of them all are not even here)....

She got her nipple caught in the zipper,, OMG that was so hilarious 


She kept hopping in and out of the car,, i did a couple of times too

I don't even remember taking this pik,, kinda why its so unflattering geez lolz

Our Road Warrior he came with the rental car

We got a flat!! Vegas didn't want us to leave!!

Good Parts: We were all drunk most of the time
We laughed and shared crazy  jokes 
We all looked cute
Ate really well  
Walked the strip
Gambled a lil

Bad: Because I don't want to get sued,, I'm going to leave these events in Vegas and amongst the parties involved

No matter what I would still take these crazy girls on any trip with me,, maybe not all at once tho lolz