Asswholes Anonymous

I dont know How it is, Where it is, or Why it is Im attracted to ASSWHOLES!! Like WTF!! I dont wana be like a typical bitter woman saying Men Aint Shit,, but according to Lyfe Jennings only 10% of good men are in the world for my liking that I have to compete with the rest of the women out there for. Now lets confess,, I have done my share of I aint shit moments,, we all have Im by far no saint... but my good by far out weighs my bad in my book because I know I have a very strong and well to do heart and always mean well even when Im wrong. (That makes sense trust me). But Im over it!! I would love a great guy but for some reason,, I only attract asswholes what is it about me that does that?? I have alot of soul searching to do I guess.

Im tired tho,, I just want to find a good guy who is about real things. I don't even like ass wholes,, but for some reason they are all I get. Where do the good,, sweet guys hang out at?? What social network do they frequent?? What church do they go to??(Cuz asshwholes are in there too). I just want a sweet guy who I dont have to tell how to be a gentleman he just already knows,, someone who like to see me smile and see me happy. Someone I don't have to worry if he is gona do some fucked up thing to me or try to manipulate and take advantage of me when I want to be nice and do nice things for him. Is that so hard to ask?? Why are guys more likely to being dicks than really nice guys. I guess yall are gona say because there are aint shit women are too and yes there are but when you find a girl who is really interested in you for all the right reasons,, why must you dog her out?? 

For 2011 I told yall Im not into being single anymore,, I want to not be with just anyone but I do want to be with someone special Im learning more about myself so I can be the great girl a guy guy would want but in the mean time the devil is a lie and a hater and keeps throwing sorry muhfuckas my way. The good part of this is that Im finding out early they arent right for me before I get too deep,, but it still is emotionally draining going on this hunt to nowhere. If you guys have any suggestions,, let me know especially you ladies who arent single in great relationships,, let me know how u bagged that lucky dude!!


sunshinestar110 said...

Girl!!! Yessss to this whole blog! I just said almost the exact same thing yesterday talking to my sister. I'm not asking for prince charming to ride up and we ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. I just want that good right one for me *sigh* Maybe I need to move to a different state or city or something..maybe things will get better!...hopefully

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

you ever heard, "good things come to those who wait.."

you gotta wait. it's coming. trust it, believe it. it's coming. but you gotta experience the assholes to recognize the real men.

Thank, Q said...

Well, I can't get with Lyfe Jennings' song. Besides, he's a statistic himself since he's back in jail for being an idiot.

But, I sympathize for my sistas who are having difficulties finding the right one. Brothas aren't stepping to the plate at all now. Maybe it's being raised by single moms or something, but guys now feel as if a woman has to take care of them.

Some how real black men have to find a way to inject some man training into these boys running around pretending to be adults. It's time to remove the entitlement, dependency, and deflection and replace it with pride, responsibility, and accountability.

How it gets done? I'm unsure, but I'm willing to do my part.

Good post. I apologize for getting long-winded.

Qu33n Kam... said...

All of you are so right,, like its frustrating these new millennium men I just cant keep up and im not down for it. Idk if its a sign of the times or what but I wish the guys out there would be more humble and caring than trying to use women the way they do. It bothers me that its more good women out there than good men and that the good men sometimes fall in the hands of fucked up women.