Merry New Year!!

Me on New Years Eve!

I feel ashamed because Im not in the blogging spirit I dont come to yall as frequently as I should smh... Shit sorry!! My Bad!!  First let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope yall had a blessed holiday season and u got everything u wanted and if u didnt better luck this year... hopefully. 2010 was a rough year for me I had alot of highs and lows and this time I have wishful thinking for the new year.

1. Get a better job: I love my job right now its fun I work with kids never a dull moment because they are so hilarious and they keep me on my toes,, but I never envisioned myself working with children I want to find a better paying job with more hours than what Im doing right now I have fulltime pay with part time hours,, something aint right. lol

2. Lose Weight: Yes I know thats what everyone wants and I feel there is nothing wrong with having this as an option. A lot goes on in a year and sometimes you get off track in your diet,, I'm definitely one of those people I need to reevaluate some things and crack down on my body and get it right by my birthday (Sept. 12th) because Im going on a cruise to 5 different islands and I wanna wear a really cute bathing suite and feel good while I prance around on the beach like Beyonce in the "Broken Hearted Girl" video. Wish me luck with that!

3. Get a man: Im over being single yes Ive reached my breaking point!! I'm alone as alone can get. I have no boo what so ever!! I'm tired of this. Recently I saw my first love int he most awkward time. I was looking cute but I was with another guy who happened to be related to him *yup you read right* I have written about me getting over my first love but I haven't really and seeing him brought back so many memories and I craved them. Did I mention he looked good,, and I mean reallllllly good. He is doing better for himself now and I'm a lil bitter because I was with him at one of his lowest moments now he is all super fly and isn't single I feel some type of way... I digress... but I want someone of my own I think its time.

4. Find my niche in life: Its about time I really step my game up. Ive been out of school for over a year now and Im not doing what I want to do. Yes we are in a recession but I still am unsure of what my career is supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing and that is bothering me. I need to be proud of where I'm trying to go and where Im at and I don't feel wither right now.

5. Get new Friends: Soooo I realized I don't really have a best friend anymore. I have close friends but I don't trust nobody anymore. People are mickey and I learned a lot about friendship in 2010 more than any year of my life. Crazy enough I always had a feeling about certain people but they have been showing their ass lately and I realized I need to be more selfish. I care waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy tooo much about people and what people think and it has gotten me in trouble emotionally. this year I want to just focus on me and get a stronger "Fuck you and what your going through" gene inside of me.

6. Travel: I need to go to more places than Vegas 10 times out the damn year. Im always in Vegas. (Well I didn't go for New Years and I regret that,, but I was too broke because of all the other times I went in the year). I want to go to Mardi Gras, Miami, Atlanta etc. all the popping places FuntimesUSA has to offer me. I'm really excited for this cruise. I don't care if I go in major debt I'm going on this cruise,, it leaves outta Miami so that's one city down.


NightFall914 said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Brandon said...

oh I like this blog!

Qu33n Kam... said...

thank u and much love to yall

So Blues said...

Happy new year, work on your new goals and you'll get them sooner than you think! good luck