OhKay So its aprroximately 7:54 am [sunny daygo time] && I have to say one of my biggest pet peeves that urk the shit outta me like none other is muthafuckas talking hella loud in quiet places i.e. the San Diego State library! Like W to the T the F are you doing!! Like this is a place of study and quietness and ppl just feel its the main place to have conversation, eat and drink, type super hard on their lap tops, muthafuckas vacuming and cleaning shit[ etc. etc.] hella fucking loud! Like go home for that shit! One of the main things I find when Im in the library, like right now, like it never fails is a person speaking in another LANGUAGE super loud on their cell phones or in groups. Like first, I understand you are speaking in another language and you know I don't know what the hell your talking about, however, would you be talking that hella loud in english? No, you wouldn't or would you wit you rude ass!! Ive heard thousands of crazy long, extensive conversations from around the globe damn near and I would have to say the most unpleasant accents come from the Middle East&&Asia && Germany! Now, I have nothing against anyone who speaks another language or from another countryI actually think its cool to be diverse, but not in my damn library! I come hear because I cant study at home because things such as TV, food, phones, beds [and as u can see blogger] distract me from progress! I dont need crazy loud ppl added to the mix!. People please bare with me on this one, I just needed to vent a lil' && now its really gotten on my nerves! Please don't mind me!


NightFall914 said...

lol @ "beds" distracting you. :)

Katrina said...

I am right there on the same page as you! My fiance's brother listens to his music like all day, sooooo loud, so when he ends up saying something he talks sooo loud and it ticks me off!!!! I just wanna kick him in the head and tell him to shut the F UPPP!!!! People need to understand that we arent deaf, we can hear them! KEEP IT DOWN DAMMIT!

Great post!