New Videos [part deux]

Dream-She Rocking That Shit [Remix]

Every Dream video is Effin the same!! Like hello can we get more than a Effin white background and bitches dancing!! Sheesh! But I do have to say Juelz Santana was looking mighty nice and very grown I should add, also it looks like he has been working out!

Dream ft. Mariah Carey- My Love

Ok RANDOM ass collabo! Plus was this video an attempt to make Mariah look more 'black' cuz she just came off as looking like a ghetto white girl or a blonde chicana or something. Sorry, I wasn't buying it! And how fake was the fight they had in the beginning! Dream has what I call the "Tweet Complex" [tw-eet co mp-Le-cKs:: R&B Singer Tweet never looks like the same person in any situation]&& It bothers me everytime I see him! I can't really grasp what he really looks like idk if he is cute or not to tell u the truth! So Im guessing Dream save us all the trouble and just keep your glasses on!

Se7en ft. Lil Kim- Girls

Now Ima be honest I feel I was tricked or bamboozled into watching this video because I thought Se7en meant 7even the one who produces for Ashanti and now Donnie Clang(womp on his ass) Furthermore, I press play and who is it but lil Bruce Lee! It caught my attention tho because I was not expecting this, plus I started to feel the song. My concern is for that poor child Lil' Kim tho idk what look she is going for, looks something like a Michael Jackson/Catwoman thing IDK!!

Kid Cudi-Superboo

Okay Soooo I Spy wit my Little Eye...A couple Asian girls, A couple Latin girls && ONE mixed black girl!!? I guess Mr. Mescudi has no love for the dark skin sistas huh! Well, hey I guess its his video his preference but we coulda had more chocolate in this video! If your gona show love for women show love for all shades of women! But i guess all women can't be his Super Boo! =/

Keri Hilson-Make Love

So thats its!! Wat the hell! Where is the rest of the video?? I guess it was good while it lasted tho! Plus, IDK if I like the thought of Kanye having sex with Keri Hilson or Anyone for that matter! He is sexy in his own kinda way but for this type of song I wana see some type of dude wit mad body who is gona strip down to almost nothin for this video, && I dont think Kanye wud do that like Homeboy u can't make love to Keri in that white tee!

LeToya Luckett- Not Anymore

Im feeling this song && the video is ehh! but she looks really pretty in it tho. && Im loving the feathered shoes.

Jazmine Sullivan- Dream Big && Lions, Tigers & Bears

She chose the greenscreen route I see & you can't go wrong with that right? Both these video are really cute && I love both songs! So Lions, Tigers & Bears isn't that new of a video but I had to post it cuz it was so creatively done and I love Jazmine Sullivan she is!