Frozen Crack!!

I am Obsessed and Addicted to Yogurtland!! I go at least twice a week. It is delicioso to the max and Im so happy I found it. Its so cute inside and taste way better than Pinkberry [sorry =\] who I think is very overrated. For one, Yogurtland is self serve and has a milli toppins to choose from and has huge cups[16 0z is a small] to fill it up with. My favorite has to be the NY Cheesecake and I mix it with fresh Strawberrys, Cheesecake bites, and White Chocolate Sauce!! Woooo, talking about something tasting like Jesus this would be it. Plus, they have the best tasting water I ever had, lolz. So please find a Yougurtland nearest you and let this be your ultimate snack from now on.


NayNayGotCakes said...

omg soooo a i!!!!!!!!!the gummy bears are a must