The Hott Chick: Kim Kardash Editition

I like the change. Its way better than the last chick's blond hair I posted about [see below]. People don't like when celbrities change their look because we are so used to seeing them a certain way. But, Kimmie is looking hott!! I don't theink she is trying to look like J.Lo, I forgot that girl even existed. I love her cuz she is gorgeous and seems like a real woman. Plus her family is hilarious. I wish I grew up with that many people in a house kinda because of all the support and fun times that you all can have. Plus, she is gona make the most cutest babies with that Reggie Bush. I just wish he had more personality, he seems a lil stiff and I only heard him say 5 words since he has been a star. But anywho, when you look like that I guess you don't need to speak.


A{dot}Shine said...

yea, her new style is hot. aint nothin wrong wit it to me