Joey Drake TV

Did you hear that!!? Drake said his CD will drop this fall!! Yay! I absolutely love this guy like seriously[all hetero =p ]. He is so handsome and so polite and such a gentleman [that kissing the fans on the hand thing may stop once he is big enough], did you see how he was nice to that poor thing he took a pik wit, the one with the horrible blond wig. Lawd, Wat The Eff was she thinkin bout? Plus, Joe Budden has to be the realest funniet guy, I love him everyone is sayin he is so lucky to have Tahiry [which he low key is] But she is lucky too to have such a mature, funny, cool guy like him. One more thing, Oliver The Parisean Gangster was lookin real fly too, now he is a hott white boy who can definitely get on baby daddy status!