The Chosen One

Today one of my favorite basketball players and future baby daddy/hubby,,Lebron James,, is coming out with a star studded documentary film featured in a movie thearter near you. The film,,More Than a Game,, is about his life and the way he led his Akron,Ohio high school to the national championship & making the best high school team in history. It also tells the tale of his NBA accomplishments as being one of the select few to reach the pros from high school.
I love Lebron for his great personality,, his ways of giving back to the youth,, his powerful leadership ability on the court,, & off course his sexy swag. If only i could for one night [call me a groupie if you want lolz]. I am so much of a fan my beloved car was a Chevy Cavalier[R.I.P] appropriately named after King James himself.


NightFall914 said...

....expect for him whining like a bitch after the Orlando series and that he didn't win MVP. But no ones

Will still be checking out this Doc.

* ! zodiac ! * said...
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* ! zodiac ! * said...

he is a man fuul of sexy!