Just Cuz I Act This Way Does Not Make Me a Whore!!

I guess this is what getting kicked out a group brings!

Ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O'day has now jump started her solo career with a spred in Playboy and now is the woman she has always wanted to be! A total hoe-bag!

Is it safe to say now how big a of a slut Aubrey is? I mean come on she will do anybody...a man....a woman... a midget...a Rosie O'Donald?? You just can't be serious! I think even tho she brought edge to Danity Kane, I still think the image she gave off for the group wasn't the best. She a grown woman and can do what she wants, however, she fucked it up for everyone! And what I don't understand is how women who put themselves in compromising situations or present themselves in a promiscuous way acts as if they are Suzie Homemaker! Well let me not hate on her too bad, her photos were whore light at least! But still, I wouldn't want her to mentor my daughter! lolz


NightFall914 said...

Met her once while she hosted a Magazine release party in NY for my peoples.She seemed cool but truthfully I don't knocC her cuz NO ONE from these making the band "groups" are making money and Heff cut a nice payment for this spread.Now the countdown is on till her sex

Kiwi said...


And she probably accomplished her goals by being on the cover of Playboy...her parents must be so proud.

She is such trash!!!

Boss Lady said...

Yea...she definitely made a good amount for this..I'm not even

She is a bit trashy though.