A Moment in Black History!

Well it is Black History Month and unfortunately it is not celebrated like it used to be. I guess because people are tired of hearing bout the same Black people each and every year! Well here I am to bring a tribute to a woman many of us Black [well any race] can pay homage to,

Christina M. Jenkins
the inventor of Hair Weave!

Jenkins did weaves and taught her technique to cosmetologists at Christina's Hair-Weev Penthouse Salon in Shaker Heights until 1993. She also conducted training sessions in Europe.

She began researching ways to secure wigs and hairpieces while working for a wig manufacturer in Chicago in 1949. She continued developing what she called the Hairweev process after moving to Malvern, near Canton.

In the early 1950s, after receiving her patent, she set up Christina Jenkins' Hair-Weev Academy in Cleveland.

The Louisiana native, whose maiden name was Thomas, graduated with a bachelor's degree in science from Leland College near Baton Rouge, La., in 1943. That same year, she married Herman "Duke" Jenkins, who became a popular jazz pianist in Cleveland.[]

This phenomenal woman who I personally praise Hallelujah to for the invention of a lifetime which have saved many looks around the globe! Just imagine some of your fellow celebrities with out a weave!!

Oh the Horror

Black women everywhere know how greatly a good weave can impact anyone's appearance. A weave shouldn't make the woman but someone surely owe it alot of credit!! Jenkins passed away a few years ago at 82 years old, but because of her many women, including myself at times, get to look like divas! Thank you for your contribution to Black History! May your legacy live on!


Kiwi said...

OMG she must be a billionaire!!!

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lmfao at mrs.cannon - shes look a mess!