My name is Kam♥I a school girl[SDSU]♥I love music♥I love the LIFE [yea ima d-girl]j/k lolz♥I love sour patch kids♥I love to kiss♥I love my besties♥I love my Hunnie Bunnie[kisses to him]♥I love lil doggies♥I love hearts♥I love my FUTURE[ckuz its bright as fuck!]♥I love MONEY [im married to it]♥I love my Lil' Juelz Santana [my lil bro is my heart]♥I love MYSELF the most[even tho we fight sumtimes haha]♥Im my bestfren ckuz I am the only one who really understands me♥ I love Snoopy [like he is the ckoolest ever]♥ I love that Im a Virgo ckuz all the greats are Virgos[Nas, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, shall I say more]♥I love Drake[jus how dope is he??]♥I love Kimora Lee [shes a bad bitch!]♥But i hate Baby Phat clothes & the rest of them urban lines[lolz]♥I like music that means sumthin♥I use nigga technology[G1]♥I am loving and sweet and kind but dont ckross me bitch!![you dont wana meet my darkside]♥I love laughter & stand up comedy♥I love Fashion [i was born into it]♥I like people that make me feel good♥I like blood and oozing guts♥I love Naked juice♥I hate squirles [ewww they have raybeees]♥I love hard liqour to ease the fun!!♥I love bubble baths in really big tubs♥ I love gettin my hair & nails done♥I love water♥I love sexual relations♥I love self mutalation in artistical fashion[tats & piercings]♥I love being Pretty♥I love my big titties [lolz]♥I love Gangsta shit♥I love Good Guys wit swagg [ill take a Hood Nigga for that good Jugge tho]♥I like funny guys♥I like guys who buy me shoes not flowers♥I dont have a favorite color♥I like smart ppl♥I love girly pretty things♥I love the way LOVE feels♥Also its not love if it hurts[it shud be challengin not painful]♥I love feelin sexy♥I love basketball♥Just now getting used to football♥I love playin Wii wit my grandparents♥I obsess over reality TV♥The only channels i need to survive[MTV-BET-VH1-TRUTV-BRAVO]♥I have a million guilty pleasure♥I love quesadillas & orange chicken♥I dont know how to skate or double dutch♥I know all the lines to every Fresh Prince of Bel Air Episode & The Wayans Bros♥When I was in junior high I used to tape videos & learned the dances♥I think outside myself [get it?...ask if u dont]♥10,000 things are always on my mind at once [I cherish the rare moments when I have nothing on my mind]♥I ckan admit ive done bad things♥But learning from them are the best!♥Ive had my heart broken & broken sum hearts too♥I love my life the best I ckan and I try the best to be a great me!!♥I hate fakies[so ckum real]♥But there is so much more to me so you will have to pay for the rest!!♥ TOOTLES♥


NightFall914 said...

LOL @ Nigga technology.How's that G1?
I gotta have my CracCberry

Qu33n Kam... said...

its ok it be slow sumtimes cuz i have so much on there but they cumn out wit a g2 and it looks bomb